“Valina”’s textile is extraordinary warm things because of their colouring and filling. The rich traditions of decorative arts of Ukraine are embodied in products which are made of natural fabrics and decorated with folk motifs and symbols.

Pillows/ cushions, bedspreads, napkins are decorated with original subjects which based on a great and various school of folk art, and centuries-old culture of our people.

We are inspired by the work of Mary Pryimachenko, Catherine Blond, modern Ukrainian and foreign artists, folklore, poetry and our history…

This is the poetic textile that tells us its own story.

We’re seemed to enliven ancient myths, fairytales and legends in our textile products. We make our own artistic style, within which there are endless options for decorative, ornamental, landscape and genre compositions with flowers, birds and animals.

Our appliqué works are the world of bright patchwork fabrics that combine the power of cunning folk-song structure, rhythm and colour, image and decor.

The format of our images will change with time. Like our history changes. Our designers are always looking for new ideas. We try to cooperate with contemporary artists and designers.

You can buy these things!

SeriesOh, Dream Wanders at the Windows” This series is based upon the Maria Priymachenko’s works. In this series of pillows/ cushions we embodied pagan images of fantastic beasts and birds that are bright and kind. Like on the paintings of Mary Pryimachenko.  We are inspired by her unusual, sometimes chimerical characters and whimsical decorative compositions which are full of energy of kindness and naive enchantment of the world and reflect an idea of the beginning of the wise vivifying nature.Bright, fantastic, deep philosophical world of Mary Pryimachenko’s applications becomes alive on “Valina”’s pillows/ cushions.

Series “A Comfortable House” This series is made in the best traditions of European textile that became a classic long time ago. The pillows/cushions with the appliqué-houses are enjoyed by people in France, Britain, Czech Republic etc. The plot is simple but extremely nice. The appliqué-houses on “Valina”’s pillows/cushions are created of the shreds of various fabrics of beautiful colours and textures.  A picture of House always was a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and evidence of family happiness. These pillows/cushions will create a good mood, add the comfort to your home and serve like a distinct part of your interior.