Wall Decor

Wall Decor

Colour, texture and decoration of the walls attach great importance to any interior. It is a frame and support of the room, both literally and figuratively. The walls are the background of the flat and all interior details are silhouetted on this canvas: furniture, paintings, curtains and even lamps…

The walls do not have to stand out and get the main focus. But they set the general tone of the interior. A mood of the room and its spatial perception also depends on them.

Whether paint the walls or hang wallpaper; make a painting or mosaic; choose the type and colour of paint; hide the shortcomings (if any there); choose the original design and decorative coating (such as tile, fabric, brick or wood); combine different option to cover the walls combining absolutely different materials and techniques of applying … This is the work of the designer.

The designer will come to you and bring the catalogues of wallpaper; the fans with the samples of paints; the samples of the decorative elements; the photos… He will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of different materials and their technical and environmental features. He will take measurements.

He’ll create the design of the walls decoration and provide a sketch. He’ll do the calculation of the amount of materials and their cost. He will also recommend you workers (if you know no one) and conduct technical supervision.

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