Stained-glass windows

Stained Glass

Artistic stained glass is a special kind of monumental and decorative art. It is interesting in itself. It becomes a great expressiveness in combination with other kinds of fine arts, especially architecture. It is rich in its past, endless in its prospects, inexhaustible in its creative possibilities.

Glass gets great importance in the modern interior. It is used for the decoration of apartments, offices and different buildings. Glass gives the interior elegance and lightness, adds the play of light and color, complements its artistic image and fills it with content.

If the classic stained glass is a pattern of glass the light gets through, the contemporary meaning of the stained glass is much wider. It can be placed in any room, even there, where natural light is completely absent.

Modern stained glass can be placed in the window frames and used as the lampshades indoors or outdoors. Using it you can decorate the ceiling, form the internal partitions or create the style of the showcases and panels. Also you can use it as independent decorative items.

Each of our stained glass is an author’s work made by traditional technology at a high professional and artistic level. It always has fantastic plots and forms, patterns and colors

To order stained glass, you need to call the designer (artist) to explore the subject of design, the definition of tasks, goals and customer requirements. The dialogue is very important!

After the meeting with the client at the site, the designer (artist) makes some sketches, and then the customer selects among them that one is the most liked. Then the designer comes to an agreement with the customer about all the details.

To get started, the customer gives a deposit equal to the cost of materials.

The price and execution time depend on the size and complexity of making stained glass (all is pre-agreed with the customer).

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