The pictures in the interior are the subjects that have special meaning.

They tell a story that certainly is a big part of the history of the master, convey his spirit, taste, mood and feelings.

This is an essential part of the philosophy of the house. All pictures are those things that make your house unique and only yours.

You should agree that any apartment, house, office, restaurant (which is beautified and decorated with pictures that fit well into the interior) has its own character, and accomplished form.

However, it’s an art to place the pictures in the interior in the right way. Such work requires certain skills.

What is our job?

  • Our designer comes to your place to determine the tasks of the interior design. He also brings photos of various pictures and posters to determine the customer’s preferences because the dialogue in this case is very important. The design of your interior with pictures can be combined with the design of curtains, furniture (if necessary).
  • We select the pictures for the interior decoration. The range is wide: from the painting to the textile panels.
  • We print a variety of pictures on canvas (of different textures), on glass, on paper. This is the painting and drawing, and watercolors (landscapes, portraits and still lives).
  • We make the modules of the pictures (a panel that consists of several parts), which complete the picture when they are joined together. These parts can be of different sizes and shapes (we will offer our original decision).
  • We make reproductions or the pictures using the photographs (which are inexpensive digital or made by professional artists).
  • We determine the place where the pictures will be hung. We offer interesting solutions of the compositions.
  • We frame all the works: whether it is painting or drawing, or old posters, or family photos, or memorable things. We breathe a new life into them. There is a wide range of mouldings and mounts (passe-partou), both in form and colour from classical to minimalistic.
  • We hang the pictures. The worker mounts holders into the wall. The designer controls this process, indicating the size and distance.

An exclusive service is an interior decoration with the contemporary artists’ works. These are author’s works of various styles of high artistic level (from graphics to abstractionism). True professionals, whose works has already taken an authoritative place in the world of contemporary art, can create for you a series of works to order, which fit your home decor well and match your taste. We also can bring the finished works to your place for inspection and possibility to see how these works look in your interior as a whole. Of course, if we understand that the theme, style and colouring meet your requirements..

And, of course, if you pay attention to Feng Shui, we also recommend the pictures with especial motifs that’ll bring happiness and abundance to your home. We’ll select the appropriate location for these works.

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