About us


10 years have already passed, and during this whole period our design studio “Valina”’s professionally engaged in design, specializing in textile interior design.

We sew curtains, bedspreads, pillows and toys to order. We decorate apartments with wall-paintings, pictures, exclusive furniture…  And we do all kinds of work in complex: from sketch to installation.

This year we’ve prepared a series of finished products that you can buy in our stores or through online resources. These are pillows decorated with exclusive appliqué works, original curtains, table cloths and toys.

The design studio “Valina” is  art. The designers, artists and highly-skilled seamstresses united around the idea of creating beautiful things for the home and developing a real stylish interior.

“Valina” is a game. The worldview of our time gives a person the right to expresses his identity in a free way and lives with a full life. Our goal is to involve you in an exciting game, awake your imagination, make you think about simple things. First of all, design for us is an attitude to life.

“Valina” is  beauty. We are those who want more beauty in life, and always want to do something new. Our designers are not only image-makers, but also dreamers who tell stories and think. A good story about any of our product is as important for us as this product’s shape. Each of our products has its own spirit. And it’s much difficult to copy spirit than to copy forms.

“Valina” is  freedom. We reveal new opportunities in design that meet the requirement to be mobile and free. We experiment with fabrics, textures, patterns, techniques, and feel free to use a variety of accessories. After all, a true design is the art of harmony of something incompatible.